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Gianluca Zanella

Art and Luxury Goods Consulting

Gianluca Zanella

Gianluca Zanella, after graduating in History of Applied Arts and Goldsmiths at the University of Florence, deepened his studies at the University of Pécs, obtaining a second-level degree in History of Modern Art and then specializing with a Master in Antiques and Appraisals at the Institute for Art and Restoration of Palazzo Spinelli in Florence.

For over ten years, Gianluca has been an Antiques and Jewelry merchant in Florence, working with a wide range of international clients that have made him an attentive examiner of the customer’s taste and needs.

As a luxury concierge, he will be there to guide you towards conscious and stylistically consistent choices.

If you want to: invest your money in art or jewelry, buy the perfect engagement ring or one of a kind treasure piece, refresh your home decor or simply know the story behind Grandma’s porcelains, Gianluca will be glad to assist you.